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Kevin Cash

Kevin Cash

Designer | Fuel Made

What is your favourite thing about designing/developing for ecommerce?

When it comes down to it you’ve got people with a product or service to offer and people who want whatever that is. To be able to improve that experience for both business owners and customers is an awesome thing to be a part of. The world needs all the positive experiences it can get. Also I really enjoy researching what other sites are doing and contributing to the communal effort of progressing what an online shopping experience can be.

What ecommerce trend do you hate?

Probably the desire to put social share icons on a product page. Especially right next to the add to cart button like the often are. I can’t imagine anyone ever actually sharing a product page. It just seems like wishful thinking and clutter to me.

Where do you go for design/development inspiration?


What’s your favourite web font?

Recently it’s been Freight Display Pro

Who’s your current ecomm crush?

I’ve got a few: Sustain Natural, Glossier, Carbon Beauty, and Simply Chocolate

Kevin Cash Interview ImageKevin Cash Interview Image

What’s your jam while working?


How did you start designing Shopify sites?

I have done quite a bit of web and ecommerce design in the past but my work with Fuel Made is my first venture into designing specifically for shopify.

What’s the best design advice someone has given you?

I’m a very visual learner so the best advice I ever got probably came from looking at a design that really helped some design principle really click. You can read and and listen to all the advice you want but as with anything in life it’s got to be the right moment it to really hit home for you. I think really grasping the importance of giving everything proper breathing room and not crowding together content and typography was a pivotal turning point for me.

What Shopify project are you most proud of?

It hasn’t launched yet but we did a site for a furniture site called Horne that came out really nice. I’m super excited for it to go live.

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